“I remember…..”

“I remember running into the sea with my wellies on and getting knocked over by a wave”

“I remember never sleeping on christmas eve”

“I remember messing around with my dad”

“I remember waking up and finding money from the toothfairy”

“I remember the first time i smoked and drank in front of my parents”

“I remember making dens with my brother and living in them for days”

“I remember the days when you got tucked in and had a story read to you”

“I remember making pretend food out of mud and stones”

“I remember my mum pretending to eat it and thinking she was magic”

“I remember cookouts by the river”

“I remember the woods with the rope swings and falling in the pond”

“I remember midnight snacks”

“I remember my obssession with the teletubbies”

“I remember days at the beach with picnics and hot chocolates”

“I remember all the small things……..”


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