“Uncreative Writing” – Andrea Mason

It is becoming ever more increasing the amount of time we spend on the internet. It is all around us. What with every single person now owning a smart phone, the answer to every question or thought is at the swipe of a finger. There is no need to spend days with the annoyance of trying to remember the last name of an actor from a certain show or who came top of the football league from the previous year. I would argue that, as amazing as all this technology is, it is beginning to ruin our ability to actually hold a conversation.

Then begs the question. Of all the time we spend trawling the internet, how much of what we are looking at is actually of any importance. With the income of social media and daft sites we can spend hours at a time draping through various websites on Kim Kardashians arse or Wayne Rooney’s Hair. Is this not time we could be doing far better things? reading a book, exploring the world or even spending time with friends and family?

Kenneth Goldsmith has taken all of this “negativity” and channeled it into his work, ‘Uncreative writing in the digital age.’



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