“The Author” – Andrew Slatter

“They wipe the walls to clean our pen, but creative students will strike again.”

As technology has developed, it has become increasingly easier to be the master of your own work. Now with the influx of social media and developments through technology, it is so easy to get your voice out there. There are thousands of people across the world who are making a living through blogging daily aspects of their lives. The stranger thing, we are watching and subscribing to them!

Walter Benjamin stated that “New forms of communication are melting down traditional artistic genres.” – describing that from the uproar of internet we are essentially wiping out the time old tradition of parchment and quill. However, from this negative view that things are being destroyed, there are also thousands of positive things rising out of this. We now live in a world where countries are no longer separate and everything is possible. I think both Ellen Lupton and Walker Benjamin are trying to portray the unimportance of labels. “Labels do nothing but constrain an individual.” Why do you have to be only a designer or a writer? why can’t you be both and edit everything yourself? If I learnt anything from my project last term creating a zine, its that you can be everything. It was a self edited piece, in which I did not only write the content, I also drew the illustrations and designed the entire layout and presentation. Of course I looked to other people in the field of my chosen subject for inspiration and help, but the entire content was designed by me.

The Tree of code and the work of Tristram Shandy are both unique examples of old things that have been reworked and re edited to produce Completely new and original pieces. Shandy took a story from the 1700’s and printed it as a new book, blacking out pages and cutting bits out as he went. It became almost illegible as a piece of literature but as a piece of art, was reformed. Much like the “Tree of code”, another story to be cut down and words psychically cut out of the book making it very delicate and beautiful to hold.

When we express ourselves through design or writing there is an inherent personality that shines through that was shaped throughout our childhood. Use it and bridge the divide between designer and author.


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