“Bleached Dreams” – Gretta Hauer

Our lecture today was based on a few different topics. Mainly the idea of simulations spaces and non space, however, the larger idea of consumerism was also highlighted. We started our journey into this world by looking at examples of simulation. By this, i mean a place that is created by us which feels real but is not. We looked back to 1962 where the Lunar orbit landing approach (LOLA) created a whole fake moon so they could foresee what problems might arise. We looked further into space simulation and flight simulations programmes which brought us into David Cronenbergs “Existenz” !999. This is a film, i think, much like the portrayal of Avatar and the Matrix. The main character is transported into a reality world. He is in control of when he is in the game or when he is in his reality. Jumping into this fantasy of a video game should be a dream, however, he finds himself questioning what is real and what is not as the lines between reality and fantasy slowly get blurred.

We then went on to look at the term “Disneyisation.” This comes from Disneyland and the idea that fantasies are created for a consumer purpose. Disneyland is completely make believe, it is a place designed to make you spend money as well as indulging in all your wildest dreams.

“Disney land is presented as imaginary in order to make us believe that the rest is real, when in fact all of Los Angeles and the America surrounding it are no longer real, but of the order of the hyper real and of simulation.” – Jean Baudrillard.


Photograph by Gabriel Li

This was then linked into the idea of places of transit. An airport is somewhat familiar to everyone that visits. You have not been to this airport or terminal before yet you feel you have. This is based on the idea that they design all airports the same to save from confusion. From the moment you enter an airport, your identity is striped away from you. You are just a passport and a number, you go to your allotted seat number and make your way through the process without indulging in a real conversation with anyone. Much like your commute to work every morning on the tube, you are surrounded by the same people every day but know nothing about them.

It is a non place.


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