“Tin can of emotion.” – A lift in LCC

Today we had a lecture by Gretta, it was based on non places, simulation places and the concept of disneyisation and consumerism.  For extra research, we were told to find a non place and explain what we saw and felt within this space.

I choose the lift in out university, it is strange in the sense that people who don’t know each other come together in a cramped place to share the same experience, this was mine.

The lift. A non space. A place of transit. A means to an end. After observing such a strange place, i realised how insanely quiet and tense it is. When you get in a lift, you are not concentrating on the environment, you are only focusing on where you need it to take you. Today I went up and down in the lift to observe. When I had no clear destination or nowhere it was meant to take me, i had time to absorb my surroundings. There is an atmosphere lingering in the air when you are waiting for the lift, you can sense everyones impatience. foots tapping, loud breathing, sighs. Once in the lift, it is squashed crammed and awkward. It is much like the underground in a lot of ways, the way you stand unnecessarily close to people you don’t know from Adam, closer than normal. Limbs touch, breath shared, coughs born. It is a place of uncertainty. A place where a group of people that before were a hub of energy now collapse into a hushed silence. It is a tin can, it is a non place.


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