“Design within journalism” – Andrea Mason

Our lecture today was predominately based on the idea of design within journalism. We started by looking at what we thought design was. The basic idea being, design is a visual communication used to portray a theme or message that allows us to solve a problem through expression in any given practise. It is used as a visual blueprint for anything functional.

It has been said that the main difference between art and design, is that art is for you and allows you to express your own inner feelings and thoughts towards a given subject. whereas, design is used to communicate an idea and is less about you and more about the client and what they want. As a designer, you are taking someones idea and vision and creating what they cannot.

“Art is a pure form of expression whereas design is a communicative expression”

We then went on to look at how, much like everything else in our day and age, Design has developed and transformed over time. Design is a concept that is always changing depending on its context. We looked at examples from the Bauhaus school in Germany that not only influenced a massive change in the world of design, but also inspired many more creatives into the world of design.


The Bauhaus professor, photographer and painter Laszlo Moholy-Nagy wrote a paper in 1947 entitled “Design is not a profession but an attitude.” In which he talks about how we, as society should stop concentrating on the labels of a designer and instead start to live, eat and breath design as a whole.

We finished off by looking at the introduction of new practices. The 3D printer. With this new piece of technology, you can print anything and it is amazing how everything is developing so rapidly. However, some are saying that with this influx of tech, we are losing the sense of humanization. We will lose that touch that makes us human and slowly transform into robots of the 21st century.

Where will we be 100 years from now?


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