Rain Rain go away…

In the second half of our lesson we did a hands on practical experiment.

We were given hundreds of words all printed and individually cut up, we were told nothing more than that as a team we should try and put them together syntactically. Quickly we discovered that these words must make up a large piece of writing that already existed. We then figured out from the mature of the words, it must be a weather report. It seemed as a group we were all thinking the same thing and trying to arrange the words into little clusters. So dates and times were grouped together as well as types of weather and connective words. There was no way we could have put the whole piece of writing together exactly as it would have been said, so we settled for small coherent strings of words.

We then split off on our own with a selection of words and made our own piece. When we were all done. I realised mine was quite different to everyone else’s. Everyone around me had tried to recreate sentences about weather whereas with mine I had tried to create a sentence you wouldn’t normally hear in following on from last week.



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