What is branding?

For me branding has always been such a big term that I couldn’t define. Looking further into it, I feel it is more an umbrella term for a few different things. The main two ‘avenues’ if you will to branding are the brand image and how you associate the brand itself. Like a person, a brand builds up its reputation over time. This can be either from the service that is provided, the physical product or even the people who work at the company.  Its very important when creating the package of a brand that the audience and voice has been considered, it is extremely easy for bad connotations to stick.


A brand image is one of the most frequently seen aspects of a company and therefore is a key element to any brand. Through an effective brand identity, a product/service is able to create a strong distinction from competitors. Over time a successful brand will establish a position within the consumer’s mind, in doing so the company has the ability to use a purely image based identity. A strong example of this is McDonalds, a company which has gradually progressed its logo through a number of variation. A successful logo can be crucial for any brand. A logo does not necessarily have to be beautifully designed to be successful, it merely needs to stay in your memory. For me, the sign that a logo has made it, is if the company is able to drop the slogan or company under the logo meaning the brand is know just by a sign. McDonalds is a perfect example of this as they are globally recognised just on the ‘Golden arches.’ Another example would be Nike who dropped to the Nike swoosh in 1995. This is the same with Shell also swapping to just their symbol in 1999.images



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