Durex have done it again

Durex are the worlds biggest condom company, they have been around 86 years and are showing no signs of yielding. Their products are available in over 150 countries and they produce over 800 million condoms per year. They are a very interesting company to look into and have aways been very successful and somewhat renowned for their effective and beautifully designed advertisements.

Over the past 80 odd years, the logo we know today has barely changed. There is barely anything telling us why the logo is the way it is but I am guessing the smooth outer shape is meant to loosely depict the shape of a condom. The interesting part of the brand however, comes from the story behind the name. Have you ever wondered what ‘Durex’ stands for or how they happened upon this word? In 1929 the ‘Durex’ trademark was registered. Du stands for durability, R means reliable and the EX stands for excellence.



They are very clever with their advertising is a few different ways. Over the years, we have seen a variety of campaigns be launched by the brand but they are always very careful to keep the brand fairly faceless by using objects and type rather than actual people. The reason they do this is to widen their target audience. If you place a young couple on the brand, older couple will be put off by thinking this brand isn’t ‘for them.’ Sex is a concept that targets literally everyone. By the time you are old enough to know what sex is, condom companies are basing their product towards you. Durex know this and and in a clever way they exploit this. When they use a person in an advertisement, they are careful to only use a small section of their face or body keeping the brand personal to anyone who is seeing it. This is like mirroring, when you look into the advert you see yourself, you are ether target audience.

XXL campaign, Durex, Advertisements that work




This advert was taken from their ‘XXL’ campaign. A campaign that saw a lot of attention for controversy. Although when you are literally selling sex it is hard not to turn a few heads by being a little rude. It is a well known fact that the more outrageous the advert, the more you will notice it and potentially take it on board. Durex are certainly not shy of upsetting people and over the years have had a few of their television adverts banned due to “being crude.” Their biggest releases in the past five years have included their ‘XXL’ campaign, advertisements on price and their valentines day “shattering the cliches.”

When Durex had a decrease in their sales due to the product apparently being more expensive than other brands, they launched their very clever poster designs depicting the importance of the product whilst also having a little dig at the people who had claimed the price was too high. They are almost saying you need us more than we need you with these designs and it is very clever and executed in a very simple way that is yet again beautifully designed.

Durex is a brand I love because they are not afraid to upset people. They are aware that we no longer live in a world where it is taboo to talk about sex and we are aware that everyone is doing it, the young, the old, the anti social, because why not? Who doesn’t enjoy pleasure. They are a brand who are not only not afraid to push the boundaries of society, but seem to thrive on it. Their latest campaign was released in February of this year just in time for valentines day. It was a new and improved version of the adverts we saw from them the year before.The whole idea is to break the mould, stop buying chocolate and flowers for your loved one on valentines day and give them what they really want…SEX.    Its about “Shattering the cliches this valentines.”


This is the advert that we saw surrounding valentines day of 2015, again using a well dressed man ‘being romantic’ but being very careful not to show his face, cleverly.

This is the advert we saw this year, taking a whole new concept to valentines day and I am sure ruffling a few feathers in the process. This is a brand that is Durable, Reliable and Excellent. Their campaigns are well thought out, well designed and purposefully controversial. They are here to break the mould with impact and I doubt we have seen the last of them yet. We need them more than they need us and lets face it… SEX SELLS.



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