they call me mellow yellow

lemon banana mellow citron citroen custard ice cream party rings surf board sand lemons sherbet loud sorbet outrageous annoying childish party pants woo woo beaches savoury loving cheese waves suncream jubilee sand summer smiles offensive hazardous headache acid fluoro whey neon leg warmers high vis jacket hi vis construction football overpowering rave wow insane bright loud big showboating lemon sherbet fizzy sour bitter helmet road lines parking rucksack holiday hammock sunshine glow ooh tequila tour de california sand lion sunset sand spain wigwam pants chair peach apricot sassy soothing warm calming shells beach towels sister happy taxis honey piss lemon sausage months summer fake cheese sponge yellow rassclart piss yellow sun blue creme egg yolk banana custard mustard sunny happy lidl blank daffodils green pink mustard sweat independence intelligence daffodil sunshine lemon curd mcdonalds bright gold medals happy bumble bees cock oil winning ouch yellow hammock kollane happy smiles sunny asian light artificial mustard floral summer yolk egg hammock lemon tart banana egg joy gold sun wallpaper coat horn Charlotte Perkins Gilman emoji banana custard sun taxi yellow summer sponge canary custard bird caution science safe numbers summer saffron ikea summer mustard radiate bee honey girlfriends coat blonde hay fever puss creative unity the 90’s LSD flowers cone honeycomb sweet pollen drugs earth friends chair yum favourite mellow bees knees transport van punch no returns umbrella toy leaves tickle my yellow tickle my banana how do you banana rubber duck rubber gloves marigold clipper photo object wellingtons hammock tree pants lemon

Now turn me into a novel. I want to be like Jane Eyre on the book shelf


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