Dinotales are a little series of children’s books I have been working on for a project. They are to educate very young children about relationships, love and growing up. Normally I don’t enjoy social design as it has never really been my thing. So when I got given education as the theme for my social design project, I knew I had to turn it into something I really enjoyed to get me through the unit. I love drawing and I love dinosaurs. Recipe for fun or disaster? Funnily enough, this has ended up being not only one of my favourite projects, but also maybe my most rewarding. In just a few weeks I have been submerged into the world of children’s books and I don’t want to leave. This really could be for me. Telling funny stories and drawing little doodles every day? Where do I sign up?

On a more serious note, it really has taught me a lot about not only the craft of all it entails but about myself too. I have managed to buy a graphic tablet, learn how to use it, draw and design 12 characters, produce 5 narratives for 5 books, lay them out and get them printed and bound in just under 6 weeks. If you told me I would do that last year I would have laughed. Anyone who thinks university is a waste of time and money, they could not be more wrong. Nothing has made me grow up and realise my potential more.

The outcome??? Something I am very fucking proud of and will be keeping for my kids.



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