Self Initiated Project Proposals

Design and write three briefs for three potential projects you would like to undertake. Yes that sounds easy. It’s hard enough receiving a brief I haven’t written and creating a project out of it, let alone creating three specific avenues I want to explore. The hardest part is you are doing these projects next year not now, so as well as being an author you have to be a time traveller. I have to somehow look a year into the future and design a brief with those interests in mind. For some people this is the dream, it allows complete creative control and freedom. For me this is a nightmare. I don’t have the decisive capability to decide what I want for dinner let alone decide my design future. None the less, life gives you lemons, Fuck the lemons.


Natural as Fuck                                                                                                                                                   Design and brand a natural food company. This will entail defining a complete and rounded brand identity as well as designing all their mercy, packaging and logo.  I have always been interested in raw natural materials apposed to the traditional white space loving graphic designer. Don’t get me wrong I love a bit of empty space, everyones eyes need space to breath but I am also a lover of chaos and roughness. I am interested at looking into recycled materials and fabrics that I can source to create an entirely new brand out of these unwanted pieces. I will need to look into brands that already do this to see where I think I can improve. I will need to consider the clientele , I will need to work with a consistent and appropriate colour palette. This project will take experimentation, time, persistence and refinement. It is also in an area I am not particularly fond of  (branding) so will really challenge me as well as giving me a taste of what working in the industry to a brief you don’t like can entail. However, I am not silly enough to create an entire project that I don’t like the sound of. With the theme of natural foods and found resources and materials, my project will allow me to delve into the context of a rough and unfiltered world allowing a place and outlet for a massive passion of mine…hand drawn letting and brush type. I will be looking into people like Gemma O’Brien and Jucy Lu.

Key themes: Raw, natural, branding, hand made, experimentation, brush typography, clean, refinement, colours.


Educating the tiny humans                                                                                                                                     Design a children’s book. This should be used as a tool to educate young children. The age group will be set to primary school, leaving within it space for me to decided closer to the time whether I want to focus on the younger or older portion of that category. I will need to consider all elements of producing and designing a children’s book for example writing the content, (narrative) producing the illustrations, designing the entire layout and organising the number of pages. Then I will also have to consider the finishing: cover design and finish, printing, binding and packaging. Its a detailed brief that entails a lot of attention to detail and a lot of elements to consider so I will need at least ten weeks to design and produce the entire book. I think it will challenge me in terms of the content and target audience. The brain of a small child isn’t where we place ourselves very often. I want to outcome to be educational so it will need to focus on a lesson that is appropriate to children like relationships or sharing. However, it will also need to be simple enough that the message gets across as well as being visually pleasing enough to hold a child’s focus. My main reason for this brief is previous enjoyment. Over the course of this last term I have been creating a little series of children’s books about Dinosaurs. There are five in total and they all deal with issues to do with relationships. They are all only 10 pages each and I have really enjoyed the entire process of it. It has really put me out of my comfort zone but at the same time I have felt a massive sense of place and purpose so my thinking is that this might be something I would like to explore further in a deeper scale.

Key themes: Colour, audience, message, education, social design, fun, exploration.


You’re just my TYPE                                                                                                                                                          My third and final project proposal is probably the most open one. My love in Graphic Design came from a long standing love of Typography. I am not sure where it traces back to or even why I love it so much, the only way I can really explain it is that for some reason it really speaks to me. I am sure that is the point of typography, you are meant to read it, make sense of it and understand it, but its more than that. It’s the curve of the letters, the flow of the typeface and the way it can be moulded and manipulated into anything we want it to be. It is often how we communicate and is a very early type of mark making. We, as a society are obsessed with leaving our mark and we scribble words all over the place, in bathrooms, on trains, everywhere. We are surrounded by typography every single day on bill boards, street signs and even our phones. Yes your beloved iPhone 6. This brief doesn’t have much of a direction in the sense of an outcome and I am really not sure where it would even take me but I am just interested in the history of Typography and producing something completely professionally polished that pays homage to my love of Typography. To keep this project entirely true to typography, I want to strip myself of distractions, I am taking away colour as an option. This means I will be working wholly in a monochromic palette. This will mean I have to portray a message through hierarchy, size, weight of the type and so forth.. entirely.


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